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Rules and Regulations

All players must register and agree to the waiver before they can play. Captains are responsible for making sure that all their players have registered online at least 48 hours prior to kick-off. Upon arrival to the venue, all players must sign in with a TSC Crew member by presenting a photo ID. This information will be cross-referenced with the online registration information. All players must sign in at least 30 minutes before their first game.

Fielding ineligible (UNREGISTERED) players may result in your team being disqualified from the tournament.

Each team consists of seven players (a keeper and 6 players). A minimum of 2 female players must be on the field at all times (at least one female must be on the field to avoid forfeiting a game; however you will have to play with one less player). No teams will be allowed to play without a female player.

The opponent's captain, the referee, and a TSC Organizer (see front desk) must be informed of any loans prior to the start of the game. Male players may only be loaned if the team is short and the team must get permission from the opponent's captain.

  Goal keepers may be loaned in case of an injury or other reasonable circumstances.

  Female players may be loaned in the case where a team only has one female player.

Each game will be 25 minutes with no half time. There will be 5 minutes between games for change over. Please have your team ready to play 10 minutes before your scheduled start time. Every team should be prepared to play back to back.
A team failing to field at least 4 players, where at least one is a female, at kickoff, the team will automatically lose 3-0.

Mercy Rule - Any goals scored beyond a seven-goal differential would not be registered.

Each team will play three games in the group stages.
Teams are awarded 3 points for a win, 1 point for a tie, and 0 points for a loss.
If two teams are tied after the group stages, the following rules will be applied (in order):
(1) Goal difference; (2) Goals for; (3) Goals against; (4) Five penalty kicks.

WILDCARD TEAMS: Wilcards will be explained to the team captains. Also, you may ask the TSC Crew at the front desk when you get to the field.
Eight teams will advance to the Quarterfinals: The qualification order will be communicated to the captains.
a) If the teams are tied, the game will go to penalty kicks. Each team will be given five (5) penalty kicks (at least 2 female players must shoot). All players are eligible to take penalty shots. Teams must have an equal amount of players eligible.
b) If the teams are still tied after five shots, they go to alternating sudden death penalties. Only remaining players are eligible to shoot until the entire team has shot.

Third Place Game: No goals in the third place game will be counted towards the top scorer award.

A standard size 5 soccer ball should be provided by each captain.
Plastic cleats or turf shoes are recommended (games are played on turf).
Shin pads are mandatory.
A player shall not wear anything that is considered dangerous on the playing field (i.e. knee braces should not be exposed).
All jewellery must be taken off or taped down at the players' risk.

All teams are required to bring home and away jerseys. All players are required to wear like colours, otherwise the referee may ask the player to sub off. No pinnies will be provided. In case of colour conflict, the away team (i.e. second name on the schedule) is responsible for switching colours. Teams failing to change their jerseys will be fined $50

Unlimited substitutions on the fly. Players on the pitch must tag their teammate on the bench before they can come on. Keepers can only be substituted when the game is stopped and the referee must be notified.

Set Pieces (The opposing players must stand 3 yards from the ball on kick ins)
Free Kicks  - All free kicks are indirect. Opponents must give 3 yards from the ball until it is in play.

Corner Kicks - All corner kicks are direct. A goal may be scored directly from a corner kick.

Kick-ins - If the ball goes out of bounds on the sidelines, play will resume by a kick in. 

Sliding and Slide Tackling
Sliding is allowed at the referee's discretion, as long as it does not endanger any player. Slide tackling is NOT allowed. This rule will be strictly enforced. Dangerous tackling or any dangerous play is not permitted in this tournament. Repeated offence will result in the player getting cautioned or sent off.

There is no offside rule in 7v7 soccer.

Deliberate Handball
If a player deliberately uses their hand when the ball is clearly going into the net, this will result in a red card to the player who committed the offence and an automatic goal. All other handballs will be called based on the referee's discretion.

Fair play
Fair play is always encouraged during the tournament. Be honest and reasonable. Arguing about a call will waste your own play time. Please help and cooperate with the referees.

The referees are assigned by the organizing committee. The referee's decisions on all rules and disputes are final. Any foul language or harassment of the referee will result in an automatic yellow card. We will have ZERO TOLERANCE when it comes to referee abuse (see “FOULS AND MISCONDUCT” below).


All fouls are awarded with an indirect free kick from the place where the infringement occurred. A penalty kick will be awarded for infringements inside the penalty area. Misconduct will be accompanied by:

Yellow Card (caution): All yellow cards will include a minimum of two minute penalty. Player may return to play.
Red Card (dismissal): For a straight red card, the player is banned for the remainder of the match and will miss the next two games. The team will also incur a 5 minute penalty before replacing the dismissed player.
Two yellow cards in one game will result in a red card. Player will miss one upcoming game.

* If a keeper gets a yellow card, the time penalty may be transferred to another player on the field. This does not apply to keepers who receive a red card. The red card rule applies to all players.


                             Any physical fighting may result in the player/team getting suspended from the rest of the tournament

                                                                         and a LIFETIME BAN from TSC may be issued.

INCLEMENT WEATHER (where applicable)
Your safety is our number one priority; however games will continue as scheduled rain or shine. If lightning should occur, games will be postponed until the lightning stops. The tournament will continue after the delay and games will be shortened if necessary. TSC will make the final decision in regards to weather and all updates will be posted on the website's front page.


Be safe, have fun, play fair and respect all players, referees and league organizers. Organizing a great event depends on your cooperation.