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 7 V 7

"It is an absolute MYTH when people say referees never change their calls. Referees change their calls all the time when a person receiving a mistaken advantage speaks up and is honest about the situation. Fair play and honesty is the right way of playing the beautiful game regardless of winning or losing." by TSC FOUNDER


To file a complaint related to a violation of the rules:

  1. Inform the referee of your complaint.
  2. Send a report via email to the TSC Disciplinary Committee ( describing the issue and the teams/players involved.


Red Cards - Players who receive a red card may be asked to leave the stadium a the referee's discretion. 

Teams must serve the time penalty regardless of whether the player is on the bench or on the field (updated April 2019).

All players must register and agree to the waiver before they can play. Captains are responsible for making sure that all their players have registered online. Fielding ineligible players may result in your team forfeiting and you will be required to pay a $30 fee for every player.

Full refunds (100%) will only be issued to teams who cancel at least 4 weeks before the league start date. No refunds will be issued for cancellations less than 4 weeks before the league start date, unless TSC cancels the league. TSC reserves the right to remove any team from any of its events without refund for failing to cooperate with TSC's guidelines.


The schedule is subject to change 48 hours before kickoff without notice. It is the captain's responsibility to check the updates on the website. TSC will make every effort to accommodate all teams; however some teams may be required to play back-to-back.

FORFEITS: Teams that fail to field at least 4 players (where one is a female - where applicable) five minutes past the scheduled kick off time, the opposing team has the option to take the forfeit at any time from that point on. Once the teams opt to play a regular game, the forfeit option is no longer valid.

Every team is expected to honour the schedule throughout the season. There will be $100 fee for teams that do not show up without notice and $50 fee for any teams that give 24 hours notice.  50% of these fees will go to your opponent for the inconvenience caused.


7 v 7 Coed: Two (2) female players must be on the field at all times (at least one female must be on the field to avoid forfeiting the game; however you will have to play with one player short if you only have one female player).

7 v 7 Men's: There must be at least 4 players on the field by the kick off time to avoid forfeiting the game.

Each team will have a guarantee of 9 games in total. Depending on the number of teams in the league, TSC will decide the league format. Refer to the league schedule for the format.

LOANING PLAYERS (updated May 23, 2019).
REGULAR SEASON and KNOCKOUT STAGES/PLAY-OFFS (where applicable): No player will be permitted to register and play for more than one team per league. Exceptions will only be made, in case of an emergency, for goal keepers and in cases where a team cannot field two female players. No permission is required. You may risk forfeiting your game if you fail to follow these guidelines.

WILDCARD (where applicable)

The eliminated team with the best GOAL DIFFERENCE from the QUARTERFINAL GAME. If two teams are tied, the teams will go to 5 PENALTY kicks before the semifinals on Week 9 (if all 3 eliminated  teams are tied, TSC will use the league standings to determine which two teams will go to penalties).


Each team will play 7 games before the knockout stage.
Teams are awarded 3 points for a win, 1 point for a tie, and 0 points for a loss.

If teams are tied after week 7, the following rules will be applied (in order):
(1) Goal difference; (2) Goals for; (3) Goals against; (4) Head to head.
Mercy Rule - Any goals scored beyond a seven-goal differential would not be registered. (Updated November 2017)


All players must be registered and have played at least one game during the regular season to be eligible to play in the knockout stages/playoffs. All loaned players must be approved by the opponent's captain before being allowed to play. Exceptions will only be made for goal keepers and in cases where a team cannot field two female players. The referees MUST be made aware of the above-mentioned loans and exceptions. You may risk forfeiting your game if you fail to mention this to the referee before kick-off.

If the teams are tied at the end of regulation play:
a) The game will go to penalty kicks. Each team will be given 5 penalty kicks (where applicable, two players of each gender must shoot). All players are eligible to take penalty shots.
b) If the teams are still tied after 5 shots, they go to alternating sudden death kicks. Only remaining players are eligible to shoot until the entire team has shot. The teams must have equal numbers of penalty takers and this must be decided before the first penalty is taken.

Third PlaceGame: No goals will be counted towards the top scorer award in the third place game.

Captains must provide their own standard size 5 soccer ball for the game.
Cleats or turf shoes are recommended (games are played on turf).
Shin pads are mandatory.
A player shall not wear anything that is considered dangerous on the playing field (i.e. knee braces should not be exposed).
All jewelry must be taken off or taped down while playing.


All teams are required to bring in home and away jerseys. All players from the same team are required to wear like colours, otherwise the referee may ask the player to sub off. No pinnies will be provided. In case of colour conflict, the Away team is responsible for switching colours or they may forfeit the game. It is highly recommended that you use jerseys with numbers at the back.


Unlimited substitutions on the fly. Players on the pitch must tag their teammate on the bench before they can come on.

Out of Bounds 
If the ball goes out of bounds on the sidelines, play will resume by a kick in.  The opposing players must stand 3 yards from the ball on kick ins.

Slide Tackling  (NEW!)
Sliding tackling is NOT allowed. This rule will be strictly enforced. Dangerous tackling or any dangerous play is not permitted. Repeated offence will result in the player getting cautioned or sent off.

Dangerous Tackling

  Dangerous tackling or any dangerous play is not permitted. Repeated offence will result in you getting cautioned or sent off. Sliding is allowed as long as it isn't dangerous. Referees will be very strict with this.

Free Kicks
All free kicks are indirect. Two players must touch the ball before scoring. Opponents must give 3 yards (9 feet) from the ball before it is played.

Corner Kick

All corner kicks are direct. Goals can be scored from the corner kick.


There is no offside rule in a 7 v 7 game.

Deliberate Handball

If a player deliberately uses their hand when the ball is clearly going into the net, this will result in a red card to the player who committed the offence and an automatic goal. All other handballs will be called based on the referee's discretion.

Fair Play
Fair play is always encouraged. Be honest and reasonable. Arguing about a call will waste your own play-time. Please cooperate with the referees and RESPECT THEM.

The referees are assigned by the organizing committee. The referee's decisions on all rules and disputes are final. Any foul language or harassment of the referee will result in an automatic yellow card. Referees make mistakes sometimes, but there will be ZERO tolerance if you abuse them in any way, shape or form.


All fouls are awarded with an indirect free kick from the place where the infringement occurred.

Misconduct will be accompanied by:

* Yellow Card (caution): All yellow cards will include a minimum of two minute penalty. Player may return to play.
* Two yellow cards in one game will result in a red card. The player will miss the next game (1 game ban).

* If a keeper gets a yellow card, the time penalty may be transferred to another player on the field. This does not apply to keepers who receive a red card. The red card rule applies to all players.
***Players accumulating 3 yellow cards = $20 fine and 1 game suspension***
(The number of yellow cards will reset to zero before the knockout stage)

* Red Card (sent off): For a straight red card, the player will be banned for the remainder of that match and will miss the next two games. The team will also incur a 5 minute penalty before replacing the dismissed player.

Players who receive a red card may be asked to leave the stadium a the referee's discretion.

Teams must serve the time penalty regardless of whether the player is on the bench or on the field. (NEW)

TSC's Disciplinary Committee  will make the final decision on the ban length and fine amount. The Committee may reduce or increase the ban to more than two games.

***There will be a $30 fine for any player who receives a straight RED card.

This fee needs to be paid before they can play again.***

*****Any physical fighting can result in a player getting suspended from the rest of the league and a LIFETIME BAN from TSC may be issued. A team participating in a fight may get points deducted and fined. TSC may also decide to eject the team from the league without a refund*****